Support the Museum


The Costume Museum of Canada is a membership organization with a volunteer board. We invite all those interested to consider becoming a member and/or volunteer to support our work. Contact us to find out more. An annual membership is $35. 


The Museum is currently seeking volunteers to assist in all aspects of the museum.   If you have an interest in fashion, textiles, jewelry, or anything vintage,  please get in touch if you're interested!  We are always looking for wonderful volunteers to help out with our fundraising sales and cataloging of the collection.

We are also looking to fill a Board Member position.  We are looking for someone who has previous experience being on a museum's board of members.  An interest in historical clothing would be considered an asset.  


Donation of garments and accessories are welcome - particularly items of every day wear. Families tend to keep garments worn for special occasions or those seen as valuable or unique. It can be difficult for the Museum to find and document work clothes, housewear, men's wear, and children's play and school clothing as these items are usually cast off. 

If you have items you wish to donate, please contact the Museum by phone at 204-989-0072 or email