An exhibition of heritage furs

Educational Programmes

Museum in a Suitcase

This program allows the museum to be brought into the school classroom. The suitcases contain materials which focus on aspects of textiles and clothing history which are designed for educational levels from primary through secondary levels. Hands on interaction with the artifacts encourages an appreciation of the objects and the stories they tell. 

Discovery cases

This is a social science program for large or small groups in French or English, following the history of European settler's clothing and lifestyle in Canada around the turn of the 20th Century. The hands on experience of handling artifacts wearing white gloves encourages students to learn about work done in museums and the historical value of objects. 

Fur: the Fabric of a Nation

This is a social science program suitable for students in grades five through ten which promotes knowledge and discussion of the fur trade in Canada. The case includes samples of furs. 

Fibre to Fabric

This interactive science program explores the five major sources of textile fibre used today: wool, cotton, linen, silk and synthetics. Students have the opportunity to identify fibre types using scientific tests. 

To book a suitcase for these programs, phone the museum office on 204 949 0072 or contact us online.