Our Legendary Vintage Sale 

Friday July 5 6-8 pm

410-70 Arthur St

First Fridays Event 

What's Happening

Volunteer Opportunities!

General Volunteers
Throughout the year the CMC hosts exhibits and fundraising events that always need extra hands.

Office Co-ordinator
Tasks include writing letters of thank you, donation letters, filing, answering the phone, doing followup and keeping track of donations of articles for the vintage sales plus physically keeping the library and gallery tidy. Also to keep the gallery open so that vintage sales items would be available to be sold as this is a major money maker for the museum. This is a commitment that would really help run the museum.

Display Co-ordinator
Tasks include setting up and taking down displays. As the collection is on an iPad, complete with photos, ideas and the choosing of articles could be done at home. Once the decisions are made about which articles are needed for the display, help is available to deliver the articles from the storage warehouse. One would then need to solicit volunteers to help put up the display and take it down. CMC needs an initiator to get the show off the ground.

Grant Writer
CMC operates most of the displays thanks to grants received for this purpose. Other grants are constantly needed for the operation of the museum, curatorial supplies, restoration equipment, capital expenditures, computer equipment and a variety of other needs. We need someone to look for and submit all manner of grant applications.

And of course anyone with any time to give is always appreciated!

Benefits of becoming a volunteer: make new friends, great for the resumé, sense of achievement, feel valued, make a difference by being a part of our history

Celebrating fashion, culture and history

The costume we wear each day is influenced by climate, occupation, economic factors, societal role, religion, the task at hand, age, gender and the time in which we live. 

Our museum seeks to preserve and exhibit the costumes worn by the people of Canada over the decades.

Like what you've seen and want to get involved?  We are always looking for Members and Volunteers to join our team and help make each exhibit of the Museum as great as it can be!  Contact us for more information at costumemuseumcanada@gmail.com